Wentworth Falls Country Club

Telephone - 4757 1202 • Brasserie - 4757 3330 • Pro Shop - 0490 488 398
206-220 Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782

Wentworth Falls Country Club

Telephone - 4757 1202 • Brasserie - 4757 3330 • Pro Shop - 0490 488 398
206-220 Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782

The facilities at the Wentworth Falls golf course are first rate with a 150-metre long practice fairway and a large level teeing ground. An adjoining 50 metre practice area with a practice green and bunker for honing your short game, two driving nets for a quick warm up and a large gently slopping practice green to give you a taste of what lies ahead.
The course plays 5719 metres and has a rating of 69.2. It is considered to be one of the best in the Blue Mountains.

Each hole has a look and feel of it's own offering a mixture of short, medium and long holes (mostly medium to long) with a premium being on driving. All the fairways are lined by native trees, mountain pines and large gum trees. The course is easy walking with only a couple of uphill holes to give your heart an extra pump. A feature of the course is the impeccable putting surfaces with sloping contours that can bring any golfers game unstuck.

Sponsored by Restaraunt Ninteen23 at Silvermere
1st - Sponsored by Silvermere XXX

Men, 377m - par 4 - index- 10/25
Ladies 363- par 4 - index 4

The first hole is considered one of the best opening golf holes in the Blue Mountains. The first has a very narrow driving area protected by water to the right and a grove of trees to the left. After threading your tee shot down the fairway a mid to long iron to a two tier green that slopes sharply from right to left awaits.

Professionals Tip: Be right and let the ball filter down to the hole

Sponsored by Norms Village Butchery
2nd - Sponsored by Norms Village Butchery

Men, 368m - par 4 - index- 5/24
Ladies 363M- par 5 - index 14

The second is a par 4 with a straight away tee shot, out of bounds on left, trees on right. Steep uphill second shot to a small green. The green is built up from the fairway on the front and sides. Another tough golf hole in the Blue Mountains.

Tip: Don't be long with second shot

Sponsored by Kenda Tyres
3rd - Sponsored by Kenda Tyres

Men - 483m - par 5 - index 15/28
Ladies - 469m - par 5 - index 6

The 3rd is a slight dogleg left par 5. Downhill tee shot to fairway which slopes toward the moguls and a dam on right. A good second shot can reach green or can be laid up leaving a short pitch. The green slopes from back to front and has a bunker on the right.

Tip: A quick green from the back.

Sponsored by Blazon Au.
4th - Sponsored by Blazon Au.

Men - 339m - par 4- index 8/26
Ladies - 335m - par 4 - index 2

The 4th is a dogleg left par 4, a good test of Blue Mountains golfers.  Downhill tee shot, trees on the left and the right. Uphill 2nd shot to a larger green. The green is undulating with a steep false front and is guarded by a bunker on the right.

Tip: Be right of centre on fairway and don't be long of the green

Sponsorship available on this hole
5th -Sponsorship available on this hole

Men - 131m - par 3- index 14/35
Ladies - 116m - par 4 - index 12

The 5th is an uphill par 3. The shortest par 3 on the course. Uphill tee shot to a built up green. The green slopes steeply from back to front. A beautiful Blue Mountains golf hole.

Tip: Make sure you are up to the green as many a bogey can be made here

Sponsorship available on this hole
6th - Sponsorship available on this hole

Men - 287m - par 4- index 18/33
Ladies - 268m - par 4 - index 18

The 6th is a short straight par 4. Downhill tee shot to a wide fairway. Second shot uphill to an undulating green. The green has several levels.

Tip: Get the ball under the hole on the green.

Sponsorship available on this hole
7th - Sponsorship available on this hole

Men - 392m - par 4- index 2/21
Ladies - 385m - par 4 - index 8

The 7th is a downhill par 4 with a tee shot needing to stay to the right side of the fairway for a good look at the green. The second shot with a mid to long iron needs to be drawn in as the conifers, typical of Blue Mountains golf courses, that guard the left side of the green will grab balls hit left every time and the bunker on the right will catch anything bailed out to the right.

Tip: To the average golfer play as a par 5 and a 4 could come.

Sponsored by Colleen Stockley, McGrath Real Estate
8th - Sponsorship available on this hole

Men - 379m - par 4- index 6/23
Ladies - 303m - par 4 - index 10

The 8th is a straight par 4. Tee shot to a wide fairway with out of bounds on the left and trees to the right. Second uphill to a green which drops away to the right. The green has a slope from back to front.

Tip: The green has 'hidden' slopes.

Sponsored by Winston & Jeanette Pickering
9th - Sponsored by Winston & Jeanette Pickering

Men - 148m - par 3 - index 13
Ladies - 128m - par 3 - index 16

The 9th is a straight par 3. Tee shot will move right on landing on the green which slopes from left to right. The green is guarded by a bunker front left. Out of bounds to left and behind the green.

Tip: Better to be short than long

Sponsored by James Hall Plumbing
10th - Sponsored by James Hall Plumbing

Men - 359m - par 4 - index 3/20
Ladies - 305m - par 4 - index 3

The 10th is an uphill par 4. Tee shot over dam, one of the few on Blue Mountains golf courses. Trees on the left and right. A hole which will intimidate you from the back. Second shot with a long to medium iron to a two tiered green protected by a deep bunker on the right front and a pot bunker at the back left

Tip: Be on the left of the fairway to avoid the front bunker on approach

Sponsored by d'Vine Cellars
11th - Sponsored by d'Vine Cellars

Men - 188m - par 3 - index 7/29
Ladies - 177m - par 3 - index 7

The 11th is a good par 3 from an elevated tee, the Blue Mountains golf highest green to tee elevation. The green has two levels and is bunkered front, back and to the right. Par is a good score on this hole.

Tip: If short be right of centre of fairway for an easy chip shot in.

Sponsored by Wentworth Falls Animal Hospital
12th - Sponsored by Wentworth Falls Animal Hospital

Men - 148m - par 3 - index 12/34
Ladies - 141m - par 3 - index 13

The 12th is a straight par 3. Trees either side of fairway up to green. Not an easy hole even if you are on the green with subtle direction changes for any putt.

Tip: Have a good read of the green and be confident

Sponsored by Blaney Foods
13th - Sponsored by Blaney Foods

Men - 368m - par 4 - index 4/22
Ladies - 369m - par 5 - index 11

The 13th has an uphill drive finishing fairly and squarely at the dogleg of this hole. Conifers and gum trees protect both sides of the fairway gathering up any offline tee shots. Next a mid to long iron to a two tiered green well protected by bunkers. A good hole that features some of the best features of Blue Mountains golf courses.

Tip: It's best to be left of centre on the fairway for your shot in.

Sponsored by Katoomba Tyre Service
14th - Sponsored by Katoomba Tyre Service

Men - 445m - par 5- index 16/31
Ladies - 416m - par 5 - index 15

The 14th is a shortish par 5. Slight dogleg to the right. Out of Bounds to the right with rugged scrub that surrounds many Blue Mountains golf courses. A large pine tree left intimidates the tee shot. Be straight and the ball will run left giving a look at the green.

Tip: Can be reached in two but be on the cut portion

Sponsorship available on this hole
15th - Sponsorship available on this hole

Men - 182m - par 3 - index 9/30
Ladies - 163m - par 3 - index 9

The 15th is a slightly downhill par 3. Trees to the left, out of bounds to the right. Bunker on front right hand side of the green. A good hole. Anything left will finish in the tree line; right possibly in the bunker.

Tip: Land short and it should roll on or hit the green having the ball with backspin

Sponsored by VJ Ryan Auditors
16th - Sponsored by VJ Ryan Auditors

Men - 408m - par 4 - index 1/19
Ladies - 394m - par 5 - index 5

The 16th is a dogleg right par 4 with the second shot uphill to a green that slopes back to front. bunker guards left of green. The highest rated hole on course and one of the Blue Mountains toughest golf  course holes

Tip: Tee shot should be precise if you want to hit the green for two. Watch out for big pine tree on the corner

Sponsorship available on this hole
17th- Sponsorship available on this hole

Men - 467m - par 5 - index 11/27
Ladies - 452m - par 5 - index 1

The 17th is a special hole. One that is always remembered by visitors to Blue Mountains golf courses. A true risk reward par 5, with an easy route taking the centre line down the fairway. The hole can be navigated with a wood, a long iron, and mid to short iron third shot. The more daring among us will be tempted to drive down the left side cutting precious metres off the second shot. A drawing second hugging the contour of the trees can send your ball hurtling toward the centre of the green for a date with an eagle putt, but be careful and don't miss, trees and deep rough to the left and a bunker and out of bounds to the right can turn your dream eagle into a nightmare double.

Tip: for the average golfer play for 5 and a 4 will come

Sponsored by Theo Poulos Real Estate
18th - Sponsored by Theo Poulos Real Estate

Men - 270m - par 4 - index 17/32
Ladies - 227m - par 4 - index 17

The 18th is a straight uphill par 4. Easy second shot on green. however don't be right as you can be blocked out. Left is best. Only a short hole but beware, green slopes downhill.

Tip: A testing chip or putt from above the hole on a quick green could see adulation turn to frustration

I just wanted to write to let you know just how impressed I was with your club. In fact, everyone who attended the lunch was very, very impressed. Your staff could not have been more friendly, efficient and helpful. Even the young guy behind the bar was super-friendly whilst still being professional.  The food, without exception, was tremendous.
– Anne Hutchins
We often take family and visitors to the Thursday/Friday night servings and always found that everybody has enjoyed the food. The service is great with contact with the chef and his staff are wonderful and nothing is a problem for them even on a fully booked night they are so obliging.
– Mark R
Lovely Country golf club, with nice views over the course. Friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices.
– Martin C
An excellent venue for a special function. Friendly helpful staff and scrumptious food. I attended two Christmas lunches this past week and both were terrific. Also the Friday night carvery is worth trying. And the coffee is good too.
– Maunie K
This club has a real atmosphere about it and it never fails to please. Food, service all good. The servings are very generous and on most occasions are served quite quickly. The wine prices are attractive.
– Geoffrey W
My grandparents live in the area and after staying longer than expected visiting them suggested we have dinner at the country club. The only complaint I have is that they didn't tell me how good It was! - or I wouldn't have had so much for lunch.
– r b
A great course with attractive flora and fauna, and highly recommended for anyone visiting the Blue Mountains.
– Naysan H
Thank you to my good friends at Wentworth Falls Country Club for your support and Fund raising to help me get to World Championships in Germany. This club and its community have supported me over the past 10 years, and for that I'm grateful. The Friendliest and best club in the Mountains.
– Moe Westmoreland
The Society of Mountain Artists had their Christmas lunch at the club last Thursday. It was the best ever, the club goes out of its way to make it work and the food was outstanding.
– Marie Morris
My family and I would like to thank Jackie and Matt and everyone else at the club for making our daughters and son in law Monique & Joel's wedding such a wonderful night. It was an amazing night and all of our guests commented on the friendliness of your staff and how lovely the food was. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
– Julie Christie
Cannot express how well the staff helped on our wedding day, food was delicious, great atmosphere. Thank you.
– Nicky Fungo
I had my wedding here in November… place looked great, staff are so helpful. Definitely recommend.
– Christina Clarke
We had our wedding reception here last year and absolutely loved it. Awesome food and we got to drive up in a golf buggy.
– Helen Johnston